State registration of food supplements in Ukraine

Issues associated with the state registration of food supplements in Ukraine have been cancelled since September 20, 2015 after the amendments to the Law of Ukraine ´┐ŻOn the basic requirements for safety and quality of food products´┐Ż came into force. In accordance with said Law food supplements, with the exception of the newest, are not included into the list of products that are subjects to mandatory registration.

In order to import a food supplement to Ukraine it must be accompanied with an international certificate or other document issued by the competent authority of the country of origin as well as with labelling complied with certain requirements for food supplements.

However, to confirm the safety and quality of a food supplement we advise to conduct its voluntary certification in the authorized institution with the purpose to obtain a report for the attribution of the product to the category of food supplements, which will include laboratory parameters indicating the safety and quality of a product.

In order we could provide you with the information on costs associated with the voluntary certification of food supplements in Ukraine together with the detailed information and list of documents required from your side, sample of the Power of Attorney for execution, etc. please contact our specialists.

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