April 18, 2014
The scope of accreditation of the Belarus Patent Office has been expanded

In accordance with the Decree of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus of 26.03.2014 108 the Belarus Patent Office has been provided state accreditation as an organization for collective administration of economic rights in the following areas of collective management :

- management of exclusive rights to literary works and works of science when they are reproduced;

- management of exclusive rights to works of fine art, applied art and design at their public showing as a part of performances and other theatrical entertainment performances;

- collecting fees for public performance, broadcasting or cable transmission of audiovisual works, which include musical works, with or without words, in the interests of the authors of these pieces of music.

Thus, the authority of the Belarus Patent Office as a collective management organization now allows carrying out activities for the collective administration of property rights of such categories of authors as, for instance, scene designers, costume designers, authors of scientific articles published in scientific journals. In addition, the Patent Office has been authorized to collect royalties for the benefit of the authors of musical works from audiovisual works (movies) for the demonstration of movies on television and in cinemas.

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