April 14, 2016
Changes to the Regulations on patent and other fees in Russia

On March 22, 2016 the Government of the Russian Federation approved changes to be made to the Regulations on patent and other fees. These changes correlate with the new rules of registration of disposal of exclusive rights to results of intellectual activity or means of individualization.

The Regulations have changed the amount of some of fees, namely:

  • the fee for introducing changes into license (sublicense) agreements, pledge agreements, the contract of service or a commercial concession (subconcession) has been increased more than 6 times, specifically from 400 RUB to 2500 RUB;
  • the fee for publication of notification on the readiness to provide a license in respect of the invention, utility model, industrial design or withdrawal of such notification (open license) has been increased from 400 RUB to 600 RUB;
  • the Regulations also establish a fee for registration of termination of the license (sublicense) agreement, agreement on pledge in the amount of 600 RUB which has not been stipulated earlier.

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