May 1, 2014
The necessity of cancellation of quarantine permission for importation of seeds has been discussed in the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine

Another session of the working group discussing the topical questions in the seed breeding sphere of Ukraine took place in the Ministry of Agrarian Policy. The working group consisted of the representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, the State Agriculture Inspection of Ukraine, State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service, Ukrainian Institute of Examination of Plant Varieties, non-governmental organizations and research institutions.

The main question on the agenda was the discussion of necessity to cancel quarantine permission for importation of seeds. Also the members agreed that it is necessary to strictly define a term ‘wholesale activity and retail business of seeds and of planting material’ on the legislative level. The members proposed to define a term ‘category of seeds’ in the following range of use: seeds for realization and seeds for intrafarm use. The manufacturers of seeds should be provided with alternative possibility to choose accredited laboratories conducting the examination of seeds on the sowing qualities irrespective of their subordination.

Besides, during the discussion it was proposed to conduct the certification of seeds and planting material in two steps. The first step is determination of quality of seed sowing and the second step is determination of sowing qualities of seeds.

Also the working group discussed the problem of unsatisfactory condition and low volumes of medicinal, forest and minor crops. Therefore, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy should at most contribute to the development of the sphere of ornamental plant production. For example the EU legislation does not regulate and control introduction to the circulation of seeds and planting material of ornamental varieties.

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