May 23, 2014
Government simplifies importation of plant protection products into the territory of Ukraine

In order to provide economic growth the government has accepted and enacted several decisions which improve investment climate and simplify business environment.

New law liquidates about 100 different authorization documents which throttle initiative of businessman. In particular said document liquidates 19 of 44 authorization documents in agricultural, fish, forest industry and in the sphere of land relations. Such law cancels certification of seeds and its derivatives quality, certification of the services of seeds and its derivatives storage, issuance of the concurring documents on the importation of the plant protection products as well as conduction of analytical assessment of said products upon their importation into the territory of Ukraine.

Thus, the procedure of obtainment of the permission for importation of plant protection products is significantly simplified and the applicants have less obstacles in purchasing the samples for trials and tests required for registration of pesticides and agrochemicals.

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