April 29, 2014
FAO Office may be opened in Ukraine

At the time of meeting with the Deputy Director General of Food and Agricultural Organization of UN (FAO) and regional representative of FAO in Europe and Central Asia the minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine has noticed that currently it is being planned to launch the regional office FAO on the territory of Ukraine.

It has been emphasized that collaboration with FAO is one of the main direction in foreign economic activity of Ukraine and the important factor in formation of food strategy. Currently the realization of five projects in the sphere of development of the strategy of agrarian policy, sustainable development of forest sector and prevention of accumulation of inappropriate pesticides, development of the system of agrarian receipts and administration in fast diagnosis of African swine fever is taking place.

Also representative of FAO has confirmed the readiness of FAO to work actively with Ukraine and has paid attention Ukraine is one of the main partners of FAO. That is why the topical is the program ‘FAO – Ukraine’ which should become a reflection of national interests of Ukraine in food sphere. FAO meets the needs of Ukrainian partners and gives the time to finalize the program in order to make it more useful for Ukraine. Also he has stated that FAO will provide maximum assistance in brining Ukrainian products to European standards and will support entry of Ukrainian products into EU market and global food market.

As a result of this cooperation Ukrainian system of pesticide registration can develop towards European and international standards through which quality and expertise of agrarian policy will be improved.

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