December 30, 2013
Amendments to the legal protection of Plant Varieties laws in Belarus

On December 19, 2013 the project of amending and adding information to the law "On Patents for the Plant Varieties" and the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus were approved by Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus (ALAB).

The capabilities of plant varieties protection and provisions concerning the creation of the employee invention were specified as well as many definitions were modified and added to the law.

Also, alteration applies to the specification of:

- filing the application to issue a patent on plant variety and who can file an application without being represented by patent attorney;

- examination of patent application;

- terms of application publication and patent publication were reduced from six months to three months;

- The term of registration and issuance of the letters patent for the plant breed registration was indicated as 10;

- right of authorship, the exceptional right on plant breed can be maintained only by patent holder during a time of patent validity starting from the date of registration of plant breed in a State list of plant breeds that is protected by Republic of Belarus;

- plant breed patent assignment and its usage.

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