June 22, 2016
Introduction of accelerated prosecution of Eurasian patent applications

On June 1, 2016, the Eurasian Patent Office reintroduced earlier cancelled accelerated prosecution of Eurasian patent applications, namely:

  • acceleration of formal and substantive examination;
  • acceleration of publication and grant.

Above-mentioned procedures are carried out upon filing of the corresponding request and payment of the prescribed fee separately for each of the provided services.

Under the updated provisions, accelerated patent prosecution reduces the term of conducting formal examination to 5 or 10 working days, depending on the amount of the paid fee.

The term of substantive examination is reduced to 3 months if the claimed invention meets all the patentability requirements and all the prescribed fees are paid and there is no necessity to add/amend the application materials.

The term of publication and issue of a patent is reduced to 3 months in case of payment of the stipulated fee.

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