October 28, 2014
Trademark and design online filing system has been launched by the Lithuanian Patent Office

The newly upgraded electronic system of the Lithuanian Patent Office was launched on September 30, 2014. Said online filing system allows submission of trademark and design applications and other related documents.

The new electronic services now allows not only to submit the application for registration of a design or trademark, but also to request other actions, review the status of the documents and Notifications from the Patent Office.

Electronic applications, signed by the person or his representative, have the same legal effect as paper-based documents. Documents issued by the Patent Office will also be submitted electronically and signed with an electronic signature. The electronic application can be submitted via the secure access website or e-government gates .

Like the online filing system in Latvia e-filling system of Lithuanian Patent Office has also been designed and implemented in collaboration with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) for the purpose of allowing easier and more efficient communication of the parties and to avoid any possibility of corruption.

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