October 18, 2016
New official fees in the field of Intellectual Property Protection came into force in Moldova

On September 22, 2016, the Government of the Republic of Moldova approved the Decree 1072 amending the List of Services in the Field of Intellectual Property Protection established by Government Resolution 774 of August 13, 1997 as well as the corresponding tariffs. The corresponding Decree was published and came into force on September 30, 2016.

Amending the Resolution 774 was required in view of adoption and entry into force of new legislation in the field of intellectual property which resulted in the introduction of European patent validation, registration of geographical indications and appellations of origin in Moldova. The new Resolution also eliminates the chapter on such IP type as utility models as this IP type had been substituted by the short-term patents in Moldova long ago, but continued to be present in the Resolution until the introduced amendments.

All official fees indicated in the Resolution now derive directly from the provisions of special laws in the field of intellectual property. At the same time the amounts of official fees have basically remained unchanged, moreover, in some cases they have even been decreased. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that such applicants as small and medium enterprises, organizations in the field of science and innovation, individuals continue to enjoy previously stipulated discounts on the official fees.

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