January 7, 2015
Changes in official fees in Kazakhstan as of January 16, 2015

Pursuant to the Order 368 dated December 18, 2014 of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Approval of prices for works and services provided by the Republican State Enterprise "National Institute of Intellectual Property" of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan" the new tariffs for services provided by the Patent Office come into force on January 16, 2015.

According to the Order the official fees are to be increased from about 10% to about 25%. Besides, there has been a revision of the policy of discounts available on official fees. Thus, earlier there were 50% and 70% discount for applicants natural persons and applicants legal entities correspondingly from countries with per capita national income below 5000 USD. Currently, official fees are unified for all applicants regardless of their residence and there is 70% discount available for applicants who are natural persons.

Official fees for trademarks have not been changed.

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