December 25, 2015
Expert opinion: Assessment of the Ukrainian legal services market

The Ukrainian legal services market has been deeply impacted by recent political and economic developments, thus a notable trend of the last years was a revision of the global strategies by legal market players. The geo-political changes were challenging for area balance and dynamics resulting in exiting of a number of the large international companies. However the expected inflow of foreign investments and the legislation reform are compelling the legal sector participants to modify their market positioning towards expansion of specializations according to the changing market contexts.

These trends have a significant effect on the legal services market in the field of intellectual property. The Eurointegration course taken by Ukrainian government has enlivened the IP market through activation of directions associated with the fastest growing areas of business, such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals and computer technologies. With the growth of the IP objects applications in the appropriate technology segments illustrating intensification of commercial activity of foreign entrepreneurs the increase of interest in the enforcement and in particular custom measures is observed.

The rapid progress of the IT industry being regarded as strategic on the state level increases the demand for IT-oriented law services providing new opportunities for the legal support for various aspects of sector development.

Currently the positive expectations of foreign investors may be associated with reforms being conducted by the government: optimization of tax and regulatory legislation, as well as police and judicial reforms may substantially improve the overall business environment and enhance the quality of legal services in all areas of law. Inter alia at the moment the draft of the National Strategy for development of intellectual property is being widely discussed by the professionals and civil society. All the above-mentioned measures allow to consider the legal services market in Ukraine in general as having high potential and particularly the protection of intellectual property rights can be expected to show significant dynamics in the context of the new geo-politics and economy paradigm.

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