October 29, 2014
Amendments to official fees in Uzbekistan

The Resolution 285 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan dated October 10, 2014 "On Amendments to the Regulations on Patent Fees and amounts of patent fees" has introduced changes into the current rates of patent fees in Uzbekistan and approved rates for registration of computer programs and databases.

The Resolution has made the following main changes:

1. The Resolution of the Government has approved the rates for registration of computer programs and databases. If compared to the previous rates for registration of computer programs and databases the official fee has been reduced by more than 2 times. When applying for the registration applicant may make payment in stages with the mandatory payment of the half of the official fee when applying to the Agency on Intellectual Property.

2. Some official patent fees have also been reduced. Specifically, total fee for registration of a patent for a selection achievement is reduced almost 3 times. In addition, applicants seeking legal protection on selection achievements now have the possibility of extending the period for sending response to an office action by payment of the additional official fee.

Additionally, the official fees for maintaining in force utility model and design patents have been reduced from 30% to 50%, suggesting more favorable conditions for the realization of the right to the protection of intellectual property.

3. In contrast to the decrease of the above-mentioned official fees, the official fee for applying for trademark registration in each additional class of the International Classification of goods and services in excess of one has been increased almost 3 times.

This happened because previously stipulated official fee for each additional class of goods was almost the lowest in the world if comparing its ratio to the official fee for the first class. Such a low fee not only did not cover the costs associated with the state examination, but also created a situation in which the individual trademark owners acquired exclusive rights not only for goods and services they produce, but also for goods and services in respect of which no activity was made which lead to monopolization of the market and unfair competition.

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