EAPO stops issuing Eurasian patent's specifications on paper

March 27, 2017

In view of transition to paperless office workflow on February 20, 2017 the Eurasian Patent Office approved new procedure of issuance of Eurasian patents. According to the new procedure starting from January 1, 2018 only first page of Eurasian patents will be issued on an official form signed by the President of the EAPO, which means that publication will be made without printed specification of the patent (including description of the invention, claims, drawings and abstract). The description of the invention to the Eurasian patent will be published only on the EAPO web site and will be available for reviewing and downloading in electronic form right after the date of publication of information on the issuance of the Eurasian patent on the Publications Server. Access to the Publication Server is done via the following link.

To make access to the patent's specification easy for the patent holder the issued Eurasian patent will contain a QR-code that encodes the permanent address of all the information about this Eurasian patent on the EAPO web site. When the new procedure comes into force printed description can be obtained on request of the applicant on payment of additional official fee. Until the new procedure comes into force issuance of Eurasian patents will be carried out with the attachment to it of a description of the invention unless the applicant notifies the Patent Office about his refusal to receive such attachment.

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