Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners

Patent and Trademark Attorneys

Our history

The history of our firm goes back over 45 years. In 1974 future founder of "Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and partners", Valentin Mikhailyuk, after receiving his diploma in physics from the Moscow Physics and Engineering Institute, began his activities in the USSR Academy of Science in the field of patenting and licensing. became Head of the Patent & License Department of the Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering - one of the largest Institutes of the USSR Academy of Science.

In 1992 when Valentin Mikhailyuk, then an experienced professional in the sphere of patenting and licensing, was attested and received Patent Attorney License No. 1 in Ukraine, it was the beginning of our firm's own history.

The same year firm Prins-Group Department M was founded, which in 2002 became "Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and Partners". The activities of the firm are based on the experience and knowledge of the founder and on the dedicated work of all the firm's staff.

In day-to-day cooperation we have developed the concept of our work and created a team of the professionals highly qualified in their job. High standards and strong principles of work have helped us to attain our present eminent place on the stage of IP in Ukraine, and the high quality of our work has enabled us to win the confidence of our clients.

Since its foundation, the firm has developed into one of the largest firms in Ukraine in the field of Intellectual Property protection. Following the needs of our clients, we have created a network of associates in ex-USSR countries. Moreover, the opening of new offices in Kazakhstan and in Georgia in 2010, in Uzbekistan in 2015 and in Moldova in 2017 further advances the services available to our clients.

We are fully aware of our responsibilities in the light of the NUMBER 1 granted to us in Ukraine, and we are sure that our progress will continue. We are ready to continue making history and expanding horizons of our possibilities together with our clients.