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Amendments in official patent fees in Georgia

July 04, 2018

In accordance with Resolution No. 328 of the Government of Georgia since June 12, 2018, the amendments have been introduced into the official fees for actions related to the registration and maintenance of patents for inventions and utility models.

Significant changes have affected the cost of official fees for maintaining a patent for pharmaceutical product or plant variety for 21-26 years. Previously the cost for maintaining the above-mentioned patent from the 21st year was $ 100 / year, however, this amount has increased since June 12, and will range from $ 600 to $ 1100, depending on the year for which the fee is paid.

It is worth noting that due to the Resolution, the official fee for claiming priority for a patent for invention or utility model was abolished. Moreover, 20% discount was implemented in case of electronic filing of the applications for registration of all the IP objects as well as for issuing the certificates in electronic form.

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